Scale the attendance
process of the Schools and Colleges

Manage the attendance of teachers and students more efficiently. Track their class hours and receive a notification upon the breaches.

Attendance timesheet of Schools and Colleges
Navbar of School Time and Attendance

Attendance made
easy in Education

Your student and teacher can now take attendance with the help of the new technology. Equip your school and colleges with the most innovative tool and provide them a practical experience.

Student Face Recognition attendance machine

Take Attendance with
Face Recognition

Don’t stay dependent on the spreadsheet and adopt more innovative tools for your innovative institution. Provide a pleasant experience of face recognition attendance to your teachers and Students.

Location Tracking of teachers with attendance software

Track the Location
of the teachers

Don’t waste the precious time of the students and stay aware of the teacher's location. Take a calculated step in favor of your student and make a decision that favors your institution

Attendance reports of Students and Teachers

Get Monthly and
Yearly Reports

raideTime attendance assists you to generate reports of the students and teachers. The reports keep you informed of attendance and so it is easy for you to gauge any of your students and teacher.


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