Scale up Your Team
Tracking with Attendance Management

Create a flexible work environment to make your team innovative and timebound. Lead your workforce and bring accuracy and persistent flow of work with time and attendance application.

Different Time and Attendance Tools for Software
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Take Attendance on the Device you prefer, the place you choose

The time and attendance solutions are scalable, intuitive, and comprehensive. It enables you to operate and manage the team from any place with any device.

Attendance dashboard Icon

Interactive Dashboard

The interactive dashboard shows you the complete view of the employees’ attendance and performance.

Growing arrow and chart

Increased Transparency

Not prone to human likes errors, the applications increase transparency and accuracy within the team.

Visibility eye

Enhanced Visibility

The employees’ performance and attendance are visible each time to the supervisor.

Flexibility arrow

Improved Flexibility

As you are able to take attendance on any device and geo-fenced, it improves flexibility within the organization.

Report sheets of attendance

All Records

With time attendance, you not only take attendance but keep the employee’s records secured.

Cost-effective application


The automation of the time-attendance solution reduces your compliance cost and saves you more hours.

Time and attendance dashboard and mobile face recognition screen.

One-of-kind AI Face
Recognition System

Create accuracy and scalability within your organization. Attendance is more than easy with a face recognition system.

  • Check the employees' Clock-in and Clock-out with their faces.
  • Recognize them by wearing a face mask.
  • Identify time theft and latecomers.
Employees Geo_Fence Location in time and attendance.

Geo-Fence the
Area of Operation

Geo-fence the area of your operations. Track the employees’ activity during working hours with the support of geo-fencing.

  • Let the roaming and remote staff mark present from the approved locations.
  • Trace multiple locations in real-time with locations stamp.
  • Take GPS Based attendance and provide flexibility.
Employees Presenting Screen of Mobile attendance.

Attendance on Mobile
Made Easy

Do not more rely on your PC for attendance and adopt a more flexible approach for attendance.

  • Let the employees to mark attendance on their mobile.
  • Give them a choice to present themselves from identified places.
  • Reduce the cost of extra hardware for time attendance.

Advantage of Time Attendance Software

Time Attendance Software Solution does not just track the attendance process. It streamlines the core operational processes of employees' duty hours and assists the entire organizational structure to make more of the employee's duty hours

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