Track attendance of
Contractual workforce

Our face recognition software makes it effortless to track the attendance of the workforce hired for a definite period of time.

Contractual Employee and his face recognition punching the screen
Sidebar of raidetime and punching tab

Add Contractual Staff
Instantly into raidetime

Add the contractual staff to your time and attendance timesheet and start tracking their hours of work. Track them more efficiently in your identified location.

Comparison of paper attendance and face recognition

Take attendance by
the use of the face

Raidetime allows the contractual workforce to provide their attendance with the face. Attendance with a face is more scalable, hygienic, and scalable for the organization.

Tab of contractual staff, i.e shifts and hours spent on task

Shift Management for
the Contractual Staff

Set schedule the shifts and flexibly track the shift hours of the contractual team members. Flexibility in shift empowers the staff more efficiently and down to business.

Contractual staff wireframe reports for guidance.

Reports for Payroll

Integrates raidetime with raideHCM or third-party HR tools to upscale the process of the payroll. Pay the contractual workforce the hours they have worked on.


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