Face Recognition Software
for Supply Chain Workforce

Abandon the spreadsheet approach and incorporate the more robust and scalable attendance and time tracking application.

Punching screen of raidetime
Geo-fenced offices

Track the hours and
location on multiple sites

Ensure the smooth and scalable functioning of the supply chain and logistics workforce. Track them on the road within the area of your operation.

Punching and Mobile Attendance

Take Attendance
with the Mobile

As your supply chain team ensure the delivery and receiving of the goods. It is of the utmost value for them to be on the exact time. Attendance with mobile helps them to check in on the place of work and continue working on the supply chain.

Employee timesheet and profile

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Attendance and time tracking applications make sure to keep the managers informed on the employees’ attendance. With the use of the application, he can easily manage the shifts, overtime, and availability of the concerned person, making it easier for the management to avoid any disruption in the operation.

Reports wireframe

Informed Insights for
better workforce management

The insights on the time application guide the management to keep the supply workforce organized and changes the shifts and employees by taking insights from the application..


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