Face Recognition
software for Retails & Hospitality

Strengthen the team of your retails and hotel chains. Track them during duty hours and Geo-fence your retail stores and hotels.

Employee Location Tracking and Face Recognition Screen.
Employees Profile in Attendance app

Streamlines all the
workforce attendance

raideTime, face recognition time and attendance tracking solution streamline the duty hours, shifts, and overtime. All in one single interface. Sales People, Customer representatives, and hotel managers are tracked during their hours of work.

Geo-Fenced Areas in Mobile Screens

GEO-Fence the Retails Stores
and Multiple Hotels

raideTime enables the Management of retailers and hotels to geo-fence their multiple branches in a city.

It is then easy for them to exchange employees’ duties and track them within the location of their business.

Team leader profile in attendance system

Take Attendance with face
recognition and mobile

No more deploy the attendance machine and use the easy way of attendance with mobile. raideTime reduces the extra hardware cost and allows the employees to face recognition and that with mobile.

The integration process in attendance app

Integrates with Your
Current Software System

You don’t need to get panic about the integration of the solution with your current setup.Our API makes the integration simple and worthwhile without any compromise on the current state of the system.


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