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Mobile Attendance

Employ simple and flexible mobile attendance software to ingeniously track the employees’ duty hours.

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Mobile Attendance Is simple for employees and cost-effective for the management

Get alerted when boundaries are crossed

The mobile attendance system keeps you alerted when your team member crosses the boundaries of your operations.

Mobile Attendance empowers you to check on your workforce, in the areas of your operations.

Attendance app screen of location
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Track Time and count each second

Not like the spreadsheet, the Mobile attendance application is more accurate. Time theft can’t exploit the duty hours when there is an attendance application in place.

Count the hours of the tasks and pay only for the counted hours. Operates and Manages transparently

Identify and track the violator

Upon Installing the time and attendance application on the workforce’s device. The management blocks the path of the violation.

If any team member violates, the system will automatically alert you on the particular action.

Attendance app Violation form
Attendance reports In the timesheet

Generates Monthly Attendance reports

Closing the months, the mobile application automatically generates the attendance reports.

It becomes effortless for the management team to get all the reports and decide on the next step.

Why do you need mobile attendance software for your business?

After the pandemic and the rapid development of technology, Medium enterprises have started to hire a freelance workers or allow remote working. Tracking and managing their duty hours was a challenging process. But, Thanks to the mobile attendance software, that track remote and freelance work efficiently and effectively.


No extra Hardware

Taking attendance with the mobile, businesses will not need to add extra use of hardware.

Sustainable hand

More Sustainable

Mobile attendance application reduces the operating cost of technology. Save remote and freelance worker fuel and energy.

Eye for a transparent view

More Transparent

The application takes the attendance of the authorized person only. This means no team member can take advantage of remote work.

Bulb for depicting insights

Intelligent Insights

Not limited only to attendance, the application builds analytical and informed insights which guide future decisions making.

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