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Leave Management

Manage Leaves of employees in time attendance software. Face recognition leave management is accurate and transparent.

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Manage Hourly & Early Leave

Track the hourly and early leave of the employee in time and attendance software. Calculate the hours they have worked and deducted their leave hours.

Employees' hours count in the attendance solution
Leave Calendar in time mobile app

Manage Quarterly & annual Leave

Only the employee eligible for quarterly and yearly leave will be shown in the leave management section. Easy for the management to check the status of the employee’s eligibility for leave.

Accept requests of the employees for leave

The Self-service portal allows the employees to request for leaves. Employees save time by the automated process of leave and stay focused on work during working hours.

Request form in time app
Employee hours’ status for payroll

Sync with the payroll

Sync the leaves of the employees with the payroll to keep transparency and accuracy during payment. In addition to synchronizing with HR systems, employees' performance can be better managed by making use of advanced insights.

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