Breaking the barriers
Track the employee’s

Geo-fencing the sites and routes of the operations and checking on your workforce each time.

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You Know where are your employees

Track employees in Multiple locations

Let the raidetime attendance track employees operating on your multiple business units.

Provide management with a tool to know employee locations and get alerted whenever they breach the authorized locations.

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Employees on multiple sites tracked by time attendance

Know the exact location of employees

Time and attendance applications identify the exact location of the on-site employees.

On your computer and mobile screen, you can know where he is, on-site, on the way, or out of the area of operation.

Geo-Fencing the Area, where you operate

Authorized your business locations and keep tracking each and every team member within the area of operations.

You will be alerted whenever the team member leaves the operational area, or mark themselves present from an unauthorized area.

Geo_fenced office screen in mobile app
Trigger notification on violation

Put on Violation tracker

A violation tracker will alert you whenever the employee gets into unauthorized activity.

raidetime is and will keep you informed of all the business hours and the activity of the team.

Reason to choose raidetime for Geo-fencing the locations

It doesn’t matter the size of your business. But one thing that matters, is if you’re a business with remote offices and sites you may observe or see the complexity of management and tracking of the workforce operating on-site or in a remote office. The problem is no more a problem with the time and attendance application.

The Geo-Fencing tool enables the Human Resource Team to track each and every second of the employees. Not only that It makes them identify their location and get alerted whenever there is a violation.

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