Screens of time and attendance app raidetime


Thank You for your keen interest to learn about us. raideTime is a key product of raideIT. raideIT product is known for solving the complex challenges of modern business management, robustly and cost-effectively. raideTime is a business application for transforming the process of time and attendance in medium and large enterprises.

Time and attendance with spreadsheets are a big problem. It became more challenging for a business with multiple locations and thousands of workforces, and multiple shifts and overtime.

Tracking the hours of the employees, location, leaves, and shifts of a different kind of workforce is a headache in itself.

A Solution was needed to the problem. However, in market time and attendance applications are functional. What makes raideTime different is its more features, touchless attendance, and flexibility with Multiple locations.

raideTime caters to all these challenges and transforms the process of time and attendance within the organization for scalable and agile operation.


To enable the organization with a huge workforce and multiple locations to simply take attendance, get timesheet and payroll-ready reports, not prone to errors and cheating.


To equip employees with tools where they can provide attendance from Identified locations and personal mobile, reimburse the errors and work flexibly throughout the day.


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